How to heal your Heart’s Dis-ease

Discover the truth behind internal healing and releasing weight.

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What You Will Discover...

Learn how your physical battle with weight could be a reflection of the internal weight that you maybe holding.

How to release internal childhood trauma, and free the little girl or boy within you

Discover how YOU can be in your own way of the healing you desire.

Discover what your "blocks" may be, to make room for living a lighter and wholehearted fulfilling life.

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Hey, I’m glad you’re here! My name is Cammie Knight and I help women heal the matters of their hearts by getting to the root of their shadows and raising their level of vibration through my gift of sharing and teaching tools that CHANGED MY LIFE INITIALLY.

Yeah, I became (with the guidance of The Spirit) my own client and my own HERO incidentally. The picture you see above was the byproduct of a healing journey I chose to take Five years ago. My life felt like an earthquake hit and every thing in my life shattered.

I was left with a wounded heart, yet on a quest to ask God, "How did my life end up this way?" My life and my relationship(s) were broken. I felt like I could NEVER BE good enough in anything I did and I lived with anxiety most of my life. One evening while in the car heading home, I cried out to God asking for help, God spoke to my soul and showed me all of my wounds. Wounds from childhood traumas and experiences from my past. I was shown why I had the internal human baggage I was carrying around. Not only that, but I was getting ready to go on a process of healing, releasing and unlearning the identity of who I "thought" I had to be . I was then told that my life would never be the same from that day forward AND it became true.

My whole life literally started transforming right before my eyes! Over time, I understood that my journey was bigger than myself. That others needed to hear my story that would help them heal their lives as well. So I decided to help women and men heal by teaching the tools I've learned. Your physical weight very well could be an internal battle or weight, you've been holding onto for years. I'd like to help you start your journey today. IT IS POSSIBLE IF YOU BELIEVE.

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